teaser tuesday

January 12, 2010

I have been thinking about my opening chapter. It breaks rules. (1) It begins with a dream. (2) It begins with pain, sort of. Apparently both are overdone and agents want nothing to do with either of them. Generally speaking. I knew that dreams were kind of a no-no, but I thought it was pretty crucial to my story, and unique enough to make it stand apart, so that people would forget they didn’t like reading about dreams in the opening scene.

I was wrong on both accounts.

About an hour ago I had a change of heart about it. I guess it comes down to the whole ‘murder your darlings’ idea. I didn’t think I had a problem with doing that, but apparently I do. I need to be more focused on telling the best story, rather than keeping ideas just because I had them and wrote them down.

My thoughts now:

Why would I want to defend being even a little bit cliched, when I usually try to avoid it like the plague? Why do I need to stick with that idea for the opening scene, when it was pretty much the first thing that came to mind, not the best? I will come up with a more unique opening.

I do see it as a process. If I hadn’t written that opening chapter, and the other 8 chapters I wrote based on it, I wouldn’t have gotten so far along with plot and characters. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with an opening that was suitable. So even if I have to trash most of the 20,000 words I’ve already written, I’m coo’.

Anyway. Here is my first attempt at rewriting the beginning of my story:

It looks like I have three sets of parents.

There are my adoptive parents, the admirably dysfunctional Timbles. They’ve been pretty cool about all this, for old people. They told me I didn’t come from Mum’s privates as soon as I was old enough to understand, and managed to keep my self-esteem somewhat intact ever since.

There are the Westleys – the perfect couple. They align the ornaments on their coffee table parallel to the edge and symmetrical distances apart, and apologise when you accidentally step on their feet. We’ve met up with them a few times, on account of me wanting to find my bio parents.

Then there are the two somebodies who actually are my bio parents, because the Westleys aren’t actually perfect. They’re full of shit.


teaser tuesday

January 6, 2010

Even though I’m a serious newbie there, I’m butting my way into the Absolute Write YA Teaser Tuesday, cause it looks like fun. Here goeses.

Oh, and, a note: ‘college’ in Australia means high school.